We are thrilled to announce some exciting changes for Serpentine Jewelry Design. 

The past eighteen months of upheaval in the world have granted us an opportunity to look at our business and reevaluate what is really important to us.  What we have recognized is that we find the most joy in interacting with you, our customers, directly.  Helping you find just the right piece of jewelry to add to your collection whether it is for everyday wear or special occasion dressing.  It is the personal connections that drive us.

This has led us to the decision to pivot our business model to be entirely direct to YOU, our fabulous customers! 

What will this new version of Serpentine Jewelry Design look like?

  • We will be hosting in person shopping events several times per year. We will offer a curated, limited edition collection of our jewelry designs at these events.  Our line will not be available in any retail locations.
  • Our first in person shopping event “Coffee to Cocktails” will be held later this fall.
  • Our website serpentinejewelrydesign.com will be updated periodically with new collections, beginning with our Fall Edit which is live on the site today.
  • We are available by appointment to see the current collection in person any time. If you are not in the Seattle are, we are happy to FaceTime, send extra photos and customize the buying experience for you as well.
  • Our prices will be lower. As we will be selling our designs directly to our customers, we are able to remove the traditional retail mark-up.  You will be able to purchase the same high-quality, carefully designed and crafted pieces for less.
  • We will be offering a new service – Serpentine Styled, more details to follow.

 We hope you will enjoy this new, more personalized version of Serpentine Jewelry Design and we look forward to seeing you in person soon!



Jill and Sally