Jewelry Care

All Serpentine Jewelry Design jewelry is handmade using a variety of natural stones and materials.  Please observe the following guidelines to maintain your jewelry.

  • Due to the nature of our natural materials, they can be damaged from exposure to water, perfume, cologne, hairspray or lotions.
  • Jewelry should not be worn while showering, exercising, sleeping, swimming or while in a sauna. Any of these elements can damage the integrity of our materials and lead to breakage. 
  • While not wearing your jewelry, we recommend storing your items in their original Serpentine Jewelry Design muslin bag.
  • Serpentine beaded and mini-stretch bracelets should be ROLLED over your hand when putting them on or taking them off, rather than stretching or pulling at the elastic cord. Stretching or pulling the bracelet can weaken the elastic cord and over time may cause the bracelet to break.